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Change people's life.

Yahintara believes that Architecture is for All. Architecture must be able to reach all parties, not only for certain groups - say those who have the capability to pay for the services of an Architect. It is time for Architect to have balance in his life. If on one hand an Architect is paid to do work according to their expertise, then on the other hand, an Architect also has a moral responsibility to provide access to audiences who are less confident (because they do not have the resources) to be able to use the services of an Architect.

Architecture should not only focus on itself. Architecture is INCLUSIVE: open to collaboration and participation. By opening up, Architecture becomes richer. By touching those who have not been served, then Architecture will change a person's life. Based on Yahintara's experience, if a work is collaborated, a more comprehensive solution will be obtained.

Starting with good intentions, Yahintara believes that more roads and many doors will be opened to realize this intention. Whatever the scale of the work, Yahintara hopes that every work realized can improve the quality of the human built environment. With an improved environment, the quality of life for humans who inhabit or use it will also be healthier and better. Road may be winding, obstacles may be many. But with the collaboration and participation of friends, partners, supporters, donors and other participants, Yahintara believes that this good intention will be achieved.


Activities conducted by Yahintara are categorized into 4 types:

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