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Ka cai jadi saleuwi.

Ka darat jadi salogak.

Sundanese proverb

Ka cai jadi saleuwi
Ka darat jadi salogak
Malar hirup runtut raut sauyunan
Patarema rasa
{ Unity, mutual cooperation and togetherness are sources of strength, to create a life that is safe and peaceful in accordance with the desires of feeling in the heart and soul of every human being. }


Activities of an organizational nature are routinely held by Yahintara - INTERNAL and EXTERNAL. Yahintara's internal events are expected to open up insights and solidify the internal communication of its members. Meanwhile, external events are expected to expand the network of relationships between organizations, partners, supporters, and so on.

Internally, Yahintara's organizational activities are carried out as a means of consolidation between its members. Sometimes Yahintara members invite partners and individuals who are interested in the activities carried out by YAHINTARA. At other times Yahintara also invites different speakers to share their knowledge and experiences in their expertise. Thus, knowledge and insight will also increase.


Externally, Yahintara members foster relationships with different individuals, organizations, communities, communities, academics, government, and so on, which are in line with YAHINTARA's vision, mission and activities by prioritizing PARTICIPATIVE and COLLABORATIVE aspects. Yahintara wants its activities to be INCLUSIVE: the more parties who care and involved, it will be better because it will reach more parties.

Expose with Telkomsel & Pikiran Rakyat 

15 Apr 2014


Audience with Vice Governor of West Java Province 

25 Jul 2014


Expose at Parahyangan Catholic University

30 Jul 2018


FGD Government Regulation on Slum Area at Regional People's Representative Assembly of Bandung City

04 Nov 2019


Internal Meeting 

21 Dec 2019 


MoU Sukamentri TB-Aware Village 

29 Feb 2020 

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