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A good intention is like the seed of a tree whose fruit we do not know.

George Bernard Shaw


Education is an activity carried out by Yahintara in the form of education, training, sharing, discussions, visits, seminars, counseling and activities that share knowledge, especially regarding HEALTHY HOUSES and HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT in various aspects. Yahintara learns a lot from other scientific branches through sharing and discussions with collaboratory partners so that there is enrichment of knowledge and insight.

The Education of Healthy Houses and Healthy Environment are a routine activity carried out by Yahintara. The aim is to provide popular insight and scientific sharing on the importance of a Healthy House and a Healthy Environment in relation to various aspects of people's lives. The health sector is Yahintara's entry point to make improvements to housing conditions and community environments. Yahintara believes in the importance of solving problems as a whole, from various scientific aspects, from various types of expertise. In this case the dialogue between the sciences will enrich the reached solution.

Ways of conveying the message is therefore  becoming unique and important. Why? Because of specific audience factor. To teach "What is a Healthy House?" to children are different than conveying it to their parents. Yahintara found that educating the housewives were more in target than speaking to the fathers. For this reason, Yahintara always experiment with various different and creative ways so that the messages of a Healthy House and Environment can be conveyed in various media.

Education of Healthy House at Bojongloa, Bandung

13 Oct 2013 


Education of Healthy House at Rancabolang, Bandung

16 Nov 2013

Education of Healthy House at Cimanuk, Garut

23 Nov 2013


Education of Healthy House with PP Muhammadiyah, Garut

20 Dec 2014


Education of Healthy House at Pasirdomas Village, Garut

10 Jun 2015


Study to Yunus Center, Bangladesh

22 Aug 2017



Study to Bucharest, Rumania

25 Aug 2019


Education of Healthy House at Sukamentri Village, Garut

24 Nov 2019


National Movement of TBC Elimination in 2030 TOSS TBC

29 Jan 2020


"Basic Principles of Disaster Safe House"

14 May 2020

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-08 at

"Architecture & Sociopreneur"

01 Jul 2020


Discussion on Tuberculosis (TBC)-aware Village, Garut

18-19 Aug 2020


"Assistance for TBC Affected Groups through Transit Houses: Partnering, Empowering, Sustainable!"

02 Sep 2020

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